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October 2016 Balancing & Update News
The Clash of Clans team approaches game balance by looking at attack stats and playtesting gameplay changes. As outlined by our design values, regular balancing updates help keep the game fun and interesting!
In this sizable round of balancing changes, we’re continuing to develop Town Hall 11 gameplay, boost underperforming units, and ease some high level upgrades. We’ve also taken a look at Clan Wars XP and war loot rules.

NEW: Wizard level 7 (TH 10)
Wizard level 6 hitpoints and damage slightly increased
Wizard level 6 available at Town Hall level 9 (was 10)

Fashionably late to the party, high-level Wizards are finally showing up – in style! They’ll lend some needed extra firepower to Town Hall 9 and up.

NEW: Hidden Tesla level 9 (TH 11)
REMOVED: Hidden Teslas no longer deal 2x damage to P.E.K.K.A

Popular Tesla-heavy defensive cores have led to underwhelming P.E.K.K.A gameplay. Removing the 2x damage rule helps P.E.K.K.A reclaim its fearsome potential while making room for a new Tesla level.

NEW: Baby Dragon level 5 (TH 11)
Baby Dragon level 4 available at Town Hall 10 (was 11)

Baby Dragon upgrade levels should come just a bit earlier to give an appropriate power level to such a late game troop.

NEW: Mortar level 10 (TH 11)
Mortar level 8-9 damage increased

Mortar has fallen behind the defensive curve. A boost to later levels, and the new Mortar level 10, will help give Mortar back its punch.

Skeleton Spells spawn MUCH more Skeletons, but over a longer time

The rebalanced spell is much better at doing – well, pretty much everything. 26 Skeletons in a single spell slot? You’d better believe it!

Cloned troops from Clone Spells can stay much longer on the battlefield

The power of Clone Spells comes from effective positioning. Longer troop lifetime will bolster well placed Clones.

Bowler hitpoints slightly decreased

Skillful attackers often keep Bowlers far and safe from damage. A small hitpoint reduction better balances their immense and efficient reach.

Other NEW Town Hall 11 upgrades:

• Dragon level 6
• X-Bow level 5
• 25 additional Wall pieces

Upgrade Discounts (time and/or cost):

• Wizard 6
• Dragon 3-5
• Baby Dragon (all levels)
• Cannon 12-13
• Archer Tower 11-13
• Mortar 8-9
• Wizard Tower 7-8
• Hidden Tesla 5-8
• X-Bow 2-4

Clan Wars balancing:

• Earn a partial War Win Bonus even when failing an attack
• War Win Bonus is no longer reduced when attacking lower Town Hall levels
• Tougher targets in war are worth more Clan XP, to a max of 10XP!
We want to lessen the downsides of more ambitious war attacks and better reward clean-up attacks.
Also, basing Clan XP rewards on defender strength will better reward Clans that participate in high-level Clan Wars!

Phew! That’s all for now – Clash on!
The Clash of Clans Team


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16-09-2014 De update is een feit! Veel veranderingen, lees hier op de site de EERSTE REVIEWS. Have a lot of fun today!

14-09-2014 Supercell just officially stated that the current 1 Gem Collector Boost will end tomorrow – this can also be seen as confirmation that the update will be rolled out tomorrow. Have you saved enough Elixir and Gold for the new features?

12-09-2014 Met de komst van de nieuwe troepen, Lava Hound, boog lvl7, barbaar lvl7, zal er nu ook een EXTRA level bijkomen voor de BOOGSCHUTTERSTOREN. Deze zal naar lvl 13 gaan. Omdat alle updates van troepen en gebouwen maximaal 14 dagen duurt zal hoogst waarschijnlijk de tijd om boogschutterstoren lvl11 en lvl12 te updaten naar beneden gaan! Ook de kosten om ze te bouwen zullen hoogstwaarschijnlijk naar beneden gaan!